What are Connect Groups?

Connect groups are about ensuring that people are discipled, encouraged and feel as part of the family. It is an intentional gathering that connect people by shared interest. It is so much more than just meeting up and having coffee, but it is a great opportunity for people to become part of a community, make solid friendships and people to do life with!


Why should I join a Connect Group?

We all want a sense of community whether we know we need it or not. We were not meant to do life alone and at Word of Faith we know the importance of feeling connected. We can help each other grow, mature and have fun while we do it. Your Connect Group will bring healing, support and encouragement to our lives. People will not just know your name, but they will care about what is happening in your life.


How often do Connect Groups meet up?

Our 2021 Connect Groups will meet for 8 weeks during the summer, June & July. Most groups will meet weekly or bi-weekly. Due to this time of Covid-19 your group may do a hybrid schedule using both in-person and zoom or strictly the zoom option.


Connect Groups are created to bring community into the flow of your life, so if you are not able to make each meet up there is still great value and meaning in joining a group. We know schedules are busy and life happens, but that most can make an 8-week commitment. This gives you an opportunity to join a connect group, meet some great people and look forward to either staying with this connect group or joining a new one the next go round.


How can I start a Connect Group?

Please email us at info@wofcc-pa.com or call Raushanah Echols at (610) 364-2160 Ext. 204 for more information.